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The internet has evolved so much from the time of its birth. Now, it is one of the most dominant platforms connecting people to each other. Together with its growth, social-media became rampant. Apps like facebook, twitter and Instagram has become a marketing tool.

The dawn of social influencers has begun, and one of the leading in the new-found industry are celebrities that are famous with or without social media. In chronological order, twenty as the lowest, we rounded up a list of 20 Celebrities with Massive Instagram followers:

1). Rihanna

Rihanna, AKA @badgalriri is the lowest on this list with a 61.8-million following, but that doesn’t mean the Barbadian singer and Fenty owner is any less famous than she is. Her “bad-girl with a heart” attitude is what made fans love her. Her feed is all about her great sense of fashion, Fenty models, and her music.

2.) Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney is the lowest ranking Kardashian on this list, but that doesn’t mean her followers aren’t a million higher than the “@badgalriri” herself with over 62.5million. Check her IG feed under the handle @kourtneykardash if you want to see a 360-degree insight on her life with her famed family.

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3.) Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato goes by @ddlovato on Instagram, the singer/songwriter has been making waves on all her social media platforms with her wit, wisdom, and principles. Her IG followers are 67.1-million, and her feed is all about the good stuff from her life and the music that she does.

4.) Katy Perry

The highest paid singer, Katy Perry or “@katyperry” has an Instagram following of around 69.2-million. Apart from the music that she posts, she also has a quirky, funny, yet inspiring feed. It’s fun to check her stories because she gets even more candid on that sight of the app.

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5.). Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez or as the netizens refer to her as “@jlo” on Instagram is one of the musical pop stars of her time. With over 74-million followers on the app, she still proves to be as relevant as ever. If you think her feed is hot, wait until you watch the videos she posts on her Instagram stories.

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