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When we think of the World War, we see the horrific images of a bloodbath fought in the trenches. Here are 25 of the photos from the World War:

1. Respectful Soldier


A soldier is paying respect at a colleague’s grave near Cape Helles. It is where the Gallipoli landings took place in 1915. He must be sad for the loss.


2. Old Hun Line


British soldiers are posing in front a newly captured German trench, pointing to a sign that says “Old Hun Line.”


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3. German Movement


A combat engineer is listening to the ground to check if there is German movement near Verdun, 1915



Indian soldiers have been digging trenches. These channels will be used as a safety path for the soldiers to pass through.


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5.The Wounded in the Trench


The wounded wore clothes in the ditch. It happened during the Courcelette operation of the Battle of the Somme in France last September 15, 1916.


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