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The Wild West abounds with captivating architectures, natural formations. They blend with the rich culture then. Here are 30 of them preserved by the lens.

1. Majestic Shoshone Falls in Snake River, Idaho.


A snap of what is called the Niagara of the West captured by photographer Timothy O’Sullivan in 1874. This captivating falls stands 45 ft higher than the Niagara Falls of US and Canada.

2. The Pyramid and Domes.


Dome-shaped tufa rocks in Pyramid Lake, Nevada as they were in 1867 captured through the lens of Timothy O’Sullivan.

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3. The Inscription Rock.


A snap of the south side of Inscription Rock (now El Morro National Monument), in New Mexico that was taken in 1873 by photographer O’Sullivan.

4. Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.


A scenic shot of the Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah as it appeared in 1868.

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5. Twin buttes.


Unique twin rock formations standing near Green River City inWyoming captured by the lens of O’Sullivans in 1872 four years after dwellers made the river basin their home.

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