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It is no secret that the parties after the wedding ceremony often take lovely alcoholic turns and things get strange. Check the pictures below.

1. Marriage Louches


Here’s a boy who seems to be so curious about what is under the bride’s dress. I do hope he does not see what he doesn’t need to see!

2. Groomsmen


The groomsmen are proudly showing off their butts in this picture. The ladies look so fascinated with the great view!

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3. Under the Bride


The Bride and the Maid of Honor are helping us take a glimpse under the bride’s dress by pulling the skirt up for everyone to see.

4. Marriage Louches


Whatever the bride is doing in that rock is making the groom is making the groom so ecstatic. He must be very excited about their night together.

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5. Hungry Bride


The bride has gotten so hungry that she needed to eat a huge hot dog and bread to satisfy herself. I wonder where did she get a hotdog that big?

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