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Traveling is an awesome way to broaden your horizons, but these are the people that go to a new place and don’t learn anything.

1. The Lunge


He has made a musical medley of the garbage. You’ll never know…this could be high art next season. There was an artist selling garbage in plastic boxes.

2. The Statue of Liberty


Rachael, please turn around and fly back home. New York doesn’t want you if you’re going to disrespect the Statue of Liberty like that.

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3. Fat Guy Photographer


Who doesn’t want to rub that Buddha belly for good luck? Come on; it’s almost 2017. We need to get the year started off on the right foot.

4. We Love Liberty


There are too many people on Earth! We don’t want any more people in America who love wearing foam headpieces.

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5. Swimming Ladies


The women do love swimming.  However, these women do not look that happy with the water. It must be cold there.

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