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These are horrifying images you see one time and spend the rest of your life trying to forget. They will keep anyone afraid after seeing it.

1. The Little Children of Yesteryear


The creepy looking guy in all black who is walking behind the children is the creepiest photobomber we’ve ever seen.

2. Ghost in Group


An extra ghostly face appears in the photo. The man seen in the photo had died a day before the picture was taken.

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3. Legless Ghost


A man was spotted walking in the field without the lower half of his body. This is indeed very scary!

4. Dead Husband


The grandmother’s dead husband was spotted in a photograph taken after his death. He must be missing grandma very much.

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5. Dead Child in Cemetery


The dead child was found sitting on his own grave after his death. He must be wondering what is happening to him.

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